oh yes, she’s there,
all the trees
along this coastline
through all the time
they’ve grown here
tree eternity
all the leaves
all the rings
enclosing her
--only here

no, it’s not an illusion,
in fact, you can see her at times
shopping at Thrifty Foods
like any other treewife
in the produce section
--vegetarian of course,
metabolism must be different—
standing chatting
at the checkout,
her plastic bags,

or in the park
barefoot under
an arbutus raising
long smooth marbly limbs
lazily over a dark
reach of the lake.

what you sense here,
what you see there
is a distilling 
of the idea
of dendron;
it’s biologically odd,
no doubt of that,
but really no odder
than nuclear physics:
we should think of her
as a quark
having charm

could you touch her?
no one would dare.