why should the millennium
concern us in the least?
we’re not naïve
we don’t expect
a second coming this time,
and yet there seems to be a 
disposition to believe
a happening not too far off.

looks for hooks
to hang commercials on,
and celebrates
a non-
but it’s dangerous stuff
to put into headspace
vacant enough to vote
for even rougher beasts
than we already had this century,

some kinky
StarTrek joker,
spirit-brute from inner space
or outer mindwarp,
moonfaced guru,
new age precursor,
touting the astral paragod
Aquarius innocence will now give birth to:

a day of wrath and miracles
hosted by moonface
on global TV,
all channels blanketed,
switches locked on,
devastating CNN
by this divine pre-emptive strike,

(TVless bums
catch it on clouds
thoughtfully furnished by weather control),

the Millennium Show: a
thousand-year deity
--just call me Gahd—
trumpeting the T.K.O.,
competitors all bankrupted,
leveraged buyout of planet:

in between
the daytime soaps
(adultery in Goryville)
frequent updates:
Pope accepts
(demographic): Dalai Lama
kissed off again:

moonface soundbites
pledging full
--give us a problem we’ll
kick it around—

heartwarming scenes of the deus ex machina
comforting weeping CNN
with promises of special beats,
confident-sounding anchorpersons
causing quite a lot of viewers
not to panic yet:

plenty of time and history scheduled,
Starwars technology,
all-action stuff,
most favored victims
zapped in 3D,
nuclear fallout
funneled through space
to someone else’s planet,
female android angels
and Terminator clones
shooting up Hell,
dissidents routed,
latest scores and body bags:

ultra-flash on CNN:
Gahd endorsed by NRA

and all across the Milky Way
the Pan-Galactic media
are copying the breaking news:
final conversion of the USA.